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Pepper Programs COMPETE Track

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Pepper Programs COMPETE is designed for those athletes who have done CrossFit before and are looking for a well rounded program to take their training to the next level. In this program you will have everything from warm-ups, lifting, metcons, coach's notes, skill and accessory work, and cool downs. All this can be done in around 90 minutes. This program uses Boxscore Fitness to bring all of your workouts straight to an app on your phone. All of this for only $47.99 a month!

Sample Day-


400m run


3 rounds

10 high box step ups

7 pvc pass throughs

5 inchworms

A) Strength

Back Squat

6-8 reps @32x0 tempo

Rest 3 minutes between sets x 4 sets

focus on a really good tempo, this is about moving well

B) Metcon

4 rounds

5 clean and jerk

10 bar facing burpees

15 pull ups

10 bar facing burpees

5 clean and jerk

Rest 2 minutes between sets

C) Skill Work


Minute 1- :20-:30 of pistol squat practice

Minute 2- :20-:30 of handstand push up practice

Minute 3- :30 plank

this is not speed work, this is PRACTICE

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