What is Effort?

In the world of fitness it is so easy to get caught up in the ideas of, "No days off." or "No pain, no gain." Is this really the best option for you in order to get better? Is this the healthiest way to train physically or mentally? That being said training and exercise should be a challenging part of your day, but avoiding destructive mindsets are key.

Effort; a vigorous or determined attempt

As we go about our everyday life we should strive to give 100% of our effort. The difficult part most people have trouble understanding is this can look different every day. Heck even every hour. Something I tell myself everyday is, "If I only have 80% today, I need to give 100% of that 80%."

Every single person has off days. That is how life works. The days you absolutely don't want to step foot in the gym or weigh another gram of food are the most


On these days you need to show up. This is where the most growth will happen. On these days you need to be extremely aware of how your body feels and how much mental capacity you have that day. And you need to give every ounce of that. No more and no less.

Showing up on these days will create a whole new you. Effort is giving everything you can at that moment.

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