6 weeks, 2 days a week and an hour each of those days. That's all it is going to take to put some new numbers up on the PR board as well as learn how to more efficiently perform the clean. The "Build Your" clean program focuses on every aspect of the clean from the pull to the catch. This program inlcudes coach's notes, full access to movement demo library, scaling options, and detailed training every single session.



Week 1 Day 1

A) Squat Clean


Rest 3 minutes between sets

*Building to heavy set- not touch and go, all singles


B) 3 Position Clean Pull RPE 7-8

5 reps

rest 2:30 x 4 sets

*focus on positions

1-2 seconds at each position


C) Double Kettlebell Front Rack Step Up

RPE 6-7

3 sets of 24 reps (12 each leg)

Rest 2 minutes

Build Your Clean