The "Build Your" Muscle Up program will take you right back to the basics. Often times muscle ups are a struggle because athletes lack the strength to execute the movement properly. After 6 weeks of pulling, pressing, and technique work for muscle ups, this won't be a problem.


This program is for EVERYONE. Whether you are looking to get your first muscle up or consider yourself a muscle up ninja, you will benefit from this program.


After just 6 weeks, and 20 minutes 4 days a week you will see massive improvements in ALL gymnastics. This program inlcudes a testing week, coach's notes, full acces to the movement demo library, scaling options, and detailed training every single day. 




A) ​Hollow Body Hold and Superman Hold Tabata

4 rounds of the tabata of each alternating between movements 


B) ​Small Ring Swings 

3 sets of 10 with a rag between your feet 


C) ​Bottom of Ring Dip Hold 

Max effort hold (record time*) Rest 90 seconds 75% of max effort hold Rest 60 seconds 50% of max effort hold Rest 30 seconds 25% of max effort hold

Build Your Muscle Up