Pressing is my biggest weakness and that is why I am so passionate about this program. I struggled putting heavier weights over my head as well as pressing gymnastics movements.


This program is 6 weeks long with 2 days of programming each week. Each day will take about an hour to complete. At the end of the cycle you will feel better about everything that involves your shoulders. Even with how they look. #bouldershoulders


This program includes coach's notes, full access to the movement demo library, scaling options and detailed training every single session.



Week 1 Day 1

A)Strict Press RPE 7-8

6-8 reps rest 3 x 4 sets

Build each set


B) Push Press High Volume RPE 7

14 reps rest 2 x 3 sets


C) Weighted Box Dip RPE 7

5x5 rest 2 min


D) Single Arm DB High Pull RPE 6-7

8 reps each arm x 4 sets

Rest as needed

Build Your Press