Over 6 weeks we will touch on everything from strength and technique to position work. After finishing this program you will be confident walking up to that heavy barbell to perform the most technical lift out there.


This program is 6 weeks of awesome. Each week you will complete 2 session totalling about an hour to complete for each. This program inlcudes coach's notes, full access to movement demo library, scaling options, and detailed training for every single session.



Week 1 Day 1 

A) Snatch Cluster

3.3 rest 20 sec/rest 3 min x 4 sets 

*3 snatches - rest 20 sec - 3 snatches - rest 3 min

*all singles- build each set


B) Tempo Snatch Grip Behind the Neck  Press RPE 6-7

10 reps @20x2 rest 2:30 x 3 sets 


*@20x2 = 2 sec down - 0 sec at bottom - explode up - 2 sec at top 


C) GHD Weighted Hip Extension 

30 reps rest 2 minutes x 2 sets 

*hold plate against chest 


D) Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift RPE 5-6 

4 reps rest 2:30 x 4 sets 


Build Your Snatch