This is a 10 week program that targets your leg strength as well as muscular endurance. Each week you will perform 2 sessions each taking about an hour to complete. This program includes coach's notes, full access to the movement demo video library, scaling options, and detailed training every single session.



Week 1 Day 1

A) Tempo Back Squat RPE 7-8

5-7 reps @23x0

*2 seconds down

*3 seconds in the bottom

*0 seconds at the top

Rest 3 minutes x 4 sets


B) Front Squat

2 Minute AMRAP

Max front squats @ 50%

*use a rack


C) Split Squat RPE 6-7

10-12 reps each leg 

Rest 2 minutes x 3 sets

*use barbell in back rack position


D) Tempo Good Morning 

8-10 reps rest 2 minutes x 3 sets


*3 seconds down, 2 seconds at bottom, explode up, 0 seconds at the top of the rep


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